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Sanity Cheque

We've got a blind date with destiny, And it looks like she's ordered the lobster

Not just another pretty zombie
20 July 1974
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I work in technical support.
I'm an amateur writer, with several works in progress right now. Currently, all are being posted here in my LJ under various tags.
I'm a ranter. My opinions are my own, and you are entitled to rebutt them if you wish.
I tend to curse a lot when I get pissed off. Sorry.
I am an artist, and together with my wife publish a webcomic.

You may mourn my gradual loss of sanity now...

I started running for fitness in July 2009. My current goal is to participate in the American Tobacco Trail 10 mile race in 2010.

My Races:
35:27 Cisco/NC Foodbank 5k, Oct 2nd 2009 (PR)