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Sanity Cheque
We've got a blind date with destiny, And it looks like she's ordered the lobster
[writing] Amaranth asks for help 
26th-Mar-2010 03:01 pm

Professor Airleen Stutz was a small woman, wizened with age. Amaranth figured her to be at least 70, but she still had that sense of presence that grabs your attention and holds it. The Professor could totally fill a room just by walking in. Her hair was dyed that odd shade of blue that old ladies seem to gravitate toward, and her eyes, almond shaped and brilliant green, seemed too large for her head. Amaranth couldn't quite place her ethnicity.

Professor Stutz was the senior instructor for the "advanced class". All the gifted students gravitated her classes like moths to a halogen light, some of the freshmen not really knowing why they came in the first place. Amaranth had never seen Stutz do anything direct, she would teach theory and practical application, and leave demonstration to her TA's. She never got angry, seeming to have a well of patience with even the most unskilled of the gifted students.

Until today.

Amaranth stood in front of her desk, finally finished telling the professor about the strange attack while she was running. Through soft-voiced questions, Professor Stutz led her back through the day and into finally focused on the feelings of power she had felt emanating from her roommate's room. For the first time in 2 years of classes with the professor, Amaranth saw a look of anger on her face. Anger...and fear.

"Child," the old woman spoke softly. "Young Brandi has done something extremely dangerous, I fear. The power you felt sounds exactly like the way a summoning spell builds and releases. There is a reason we do not teach summoning spells. The things that exist beyond the veil are not meant to be in this world, and they will use every trick and loophole they can to break free of the spell once cast."

"What do we do, Professor?"

"I must consult the headmistress and warn the rest of the faculty. Be wary of young Brandi and anyone she associates with. If the demon she called broke free, there will be no end of mischief in the making. Strengthen your barriers and stay away from your room for tonight. I assure you, this is beyond your level of training."

Amaranth bowed her head respectfully and left the office. She ground her teeth, cursing the day Brandi came to Woldfaste. She's the faculty's problem now, she thought as she left Kramer Hall and headed across the quad to the dorms. She hoped that Cora wouldn't mind her crashing in her room tonight.
26th-Mar-2010 07:11 pm (UTC)
I like that professor...

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