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26th-Mar-2010 07:55 am - [Writing] When Subtlety fails
Author's note: Wow, been a long time since I posted something other than a running log. Here's a little Demonic U revisited.

When Subtlety failsCollapse )
14th-Mar-2010 08:47 pm - Runner's Log
Long run

Distance 4 miles
Time 51:27

Run run run easy long run. total for this week is 10 miles. good run, got lots of good thinkin' done, which made the time pass faster.
11th-Mar-2010 08:51 pm - runner's log
Hella speed run

Distance 2 miles
time 21:57

Started out at 5 mph for the first half mile, then bumped up to 6 mph. After 1/4 mile, I bumped it up to 7 mph. Ran at that speed for 1/2 a mile, then dropped back down to 5 mph to cool off

The splits I ran at the tobacco trail really gave me some confidence in my upper speed limit. Still working on endurance, but I'm really happy about being able to post a half mile at 8:35/mile
10th-Mar-2010 08:37 pm - Runner's Log
easy run

Distance 2 miles
time 27:00

Repeat of last night's run. Still sticking with my plan to just do low-intensity runs this week and maintain mileage.
10th-Mar-2010 07:53 am - Runner's Log
Easy Run

Distance 2 miles
Time 27:00

Easy and slow, letting my legs recover from blowing the doors off on sunday.
7th-Mar-2010 02:19 pm - Runner's Log
Long run

Distance 4.25 miles
Time 45:53

Total distance for the week 10.86 miles

First outdoor run since october, and i still have absolutely no pace control :D Totally blew away the first mile, coming in under 10 minutes, gradually slowed down to 12 minutes for the last mile, since I was doing a lot of walking and gasping.
4th-Mar-2010 03:28 pm - Runner's Log

Distance 2 miles
Time 24:33

Two 400m intervals at speed, sandwiched by adequate warmup and cooldown. Slow speed was 4.5 mph, Fast intervals were 6.5 mph, with the last 100m of the 2nd interval and 7mph. I'm pretty happy with the workout.
3rd-Mar-2010 09:32 pm - Runner's log
two days in one entry

3/2 easy run
Distance 2 miles
Time 26:10

I think I didn't cool down enough after the run on monday. My legs were very heavy and it took a while to loosen up while I was running. I stuck to a nice relaxed pace for this run.

3/3 intervals

distance 2.61 miles
time 35 minutes

Trying out another program on the treadmill, this one is designed to keep you in your target weight-loss zone. It basically consisted of repeating intervals at 4.5 mph and 5.5 mph for 2 or 3 minutes each, with a couple of 1 minute walk breaks scattered around. Was actually a decent workout, I just wish my treadmill had more versatile program options, none of the options are really designed for slow runners, they're either designed for walkers, or runners with a greater speed range than I have.
1st-Mar-2010 09:22 pm - Runner's Log
Long run a day late

Distance 3 miles
Time 36:10

Didn't run yesterday due to an upset stomach. Almost didn't run today due to headaches, which faded in time for me to try an run. Almost didn't make the first mile, my left leg started cramping in the calf and quad. Stopped the treadmill and stretched it out for 30 seconds or so and then kicked it back on. Did serious negative splits on this run, first mile was at 4.5, 2nd mile at 5mph, most of the third was at 6mph, finished up the last quarter at 4.5 to cool off.

Strong run despite difficult start. Totally boggled by the cramping, but no lasting effects.

This makes last week's total 9 miles again. Going for 10 this week, no compromises.
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